As the C20’s role is to represent the views of national and international civil society at the G20, it works through open collaboration with a diverse range of civil society actors from around the world. The C20 itself is facilitated by a steering committee made up of 14 civil society organisations, supported by a secretariat, and advised by an International Advisory Committee.

The C20 Turkey Steering Committee is chaired by Zeynep Bodur Okyay, Vice President of the Board of IKV (Economic Development Foundation). Ms. Okyay  also holds a number of different positions on the boards of civil society organisations in Turkey.

The C20 Turkey Steering Committee is made up of one representative from each member organisation, comprising diverse backgrounds, experiences and areas of expertise (see here for the full terms of reference). The members are as follows:

  • Tolga Bastak, General Manager, WWF Turkey
  • Sezai Hazır, President, Habitat Development and Governance Centre
  • Çiğdem Nas, Secretary General, IKV (Economic Development Foundation)
  • Şengül Akçar, Executive Director, KEDV (Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work)
  • Sanem Oktar, President, KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs’ Association of Turkey)
  • Meryem Aslan, Country Director, Oxfam
  • Oya Özarslan, Chair, Transparency International Turkey
  • Evren Ergeç, General Manager, TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation)
  • Rana Birden Çorbacıoğlu, TAV (Turkey Europe Foundation)
  • Mete Meleksoy, General Manager, TEGV (Education Volunteers Foundation)
  • Yusuf Çelebi, Turkish Confederation of People Living with Disabilities
  • Başak Ersen, Secretary General, TÜSEV (Third Sector Foundation of Turkey)
  • Ayla Göksel, CEO and Vice President, AÇEV (Mother-Child Education Foundation)
  • Özgül Erdemli Mutlu, TEMA (Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats)

The C20 Steering Committee is supported by a secretariat staffed by employees of IKV and Oxfam (see here for the full terms of reference).

The C20 also receives strategic and technical guidance from its International Advisory Committee, made up of 8 member organisations from around the world (see here for the full terms of reference):

  • Australian Council for International Development (ACFID)
  • Bond for International Development
  • Economic Justice Network of Southern Africa (EJN)
  • Global Call to Action Against Poverty- China (GCAP-China)
  • Huariou Commission
  • International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID)
  • InterAction
  • Vasudha Foundation

The C20’s policy work is led by the C20 Working Groups. You can read more about them on the Working Groups page of this website, or see the full Terms of Reference here.