Introducing the Inclusive Growth Working Group

Chairs: Ciğdem Nas, General Secretary of the Economic Development Foundation (IKV), and Sugeng Bahagijo, Executive Director of the International NFO Forum for Indonesian Development



  • Mother-Child Education Foundation (ACEV)
  • Habitat Development and Governance Foundation
  • TEGV
  • TOG
  • KalDer
  • Oxfam
  • Save the Children Australia
  • InterAction
  • SKD

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Basic social services (63%), employment including SMEs (51%) and inclusive growth (43%), were identified as priority issues for civil society in 2015 following a global survey conducted by C20 Turkey earlier this year.

This working group is responsible for consulting widely with civil society organisations from around the world and developing specific recommendations for the G20 on employment, basic social services and inclusive growth.

C20 Inclusive Growth Policy Paper

After months of extensive consultation, the C20 Inclusive Growth Working Group published a policy paper setting out the C20’s detailed policy positions and recommendations to the G20 in 2015. To see the full policy paper, please follow the link below:

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