Introducing the Governance Working Group

Chairs: Leyla Ateş, Associate Professor at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University’s Faculty of Law, Malcolm Damon, Executive Director of the Economic Justice Network of South Africa, and Oya Ozarslan, Chair of Transparency International, Turkey (Uluslararası Şeffaflık Derneği)



  • German Network on Tax Justice
  • Action Aid
  • BEPS Monitoring Group 
  • Economic Development Foundation (IKV)
  • Oxfam
  • Christian Aid
  • International Tax Research Foundation (Uluslararasi Vergi Arastirmalari Dernegi/UVAD)
  • Vergi Algi
  • Tax Justice Network
  • TKYD
  • TEID
  • KAL-Der
  • Argüden Yönetişim Akademisi
  • Kalite Dernegi
  • Suistimal Dernegi
  • TIDE
  • Financial Transparency
  • Publish What You Pay

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Anti-corruption emerged as the top priority for international civil society in a global survey of civil society conducted by C20 Turkey earlier this year, receiving 75% of all votes. Tax justice was the third most important issue, receiving 53%.

The C20 Governance Working Group is responsible for consulting widely with civil society organisations from around the world and developing specific recommendations for the G20 on these issues.

C20 Tax Justice and Anti-Corruption Policy Papers

After months of extensive consultation, the C20 Governance Working Group published two policy papers, setting out the C20’s detailed policy positions and recommendations to the G20 in 2015. To see the full policy papers, please follow the links below:

Background documents