Welcome to the C20 Discussion Forum. This is your space to tell us what you think about the key issues facing the world today. After a public consultation process, the C20’s priorities for 2015 have been agreed as follows:

  1. Governance, including anti-corruption and tax;
  2. Inclusive growth, including access to basic social services and employment, including SMEs;
  3. Gender equality, including women’s access to social protection and women’s employment, including SMEs;
  4. Sustainability, with a focus on renewable energy.

Below you’ll find a discussion thread relating to each of these issues. If you’d like more information about how these issues were selected, please see the C20 Priorities page.

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Category Description
Deciding the C20's Agenda for 2015 Considering that the overarching aim of civil society engagement with the G20 has been to address inequalities and achieve sustainable and inclusive development for all, which issues do you think are most important for civil society in 2015 to focus on? View
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Gender Equality Join the civil society debate on gender equality here... View
Governance Join the civil society debate on anti-corruption and tax justice here... View
Inclusive Growth Join the civil society debate on inclusive growth, basic social services and employment, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) here. View